Autoclaves and Sterilisers
Autoclaves and Sterilisers

High quality dental autoclaves and sterilisers that you can rely on.

Infection control is the number 1 priority in your dental practice and you want a dental autoclave machine you can rely on. Investing in a high quality machine will save your dental practice time and money, plus avoid unnecessary breakdowns that can leave your surgery without a working steriliser.

Dentec's range of market-leading Midmark autoclaves will suit the varying needs of all types of dental practices. Our autoclaves range in size (volume) and speed, with options of plumbed or stand-alone machines.

We can also help you with best practice operation and cleaning of your equipment to help you extend the life of your autoclave and keep it running at an optimal level.

  • Midmark Autoclaves and Sterilisers

    Dentec provide a range of Midmark Autoclaves including the Midmark Newmed series, Midmark Ultrafast M3, Midmark Ritter M9 and Midmark Ritter M11.

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Dentec's range of Midmark Autoclaves and Sterilisers will suit any dental practice size and usage requirements.