Carestream 2100 X-Ray Unit


Carestream 2100 X-Ray Unit

Providing a simple solution for your basic diagnostic needs, the Carestream 2100 Intraoral X-Ray System is an affordable way to introduce high-frequency technology to your practice. The intuitive generator optimises contrast and image definition to help you obtain sharp images that are easy to diagnose. The Carestream 2100 System’s high-frequency generator helps you obtain high-quality images quickly and easily. Plus, the unit’s innovative cone design helps facilitate proper positioning and reduce the risk of cone-cutting images.

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Minimal Radiation Exposure – The Carestream 2100 System uses advanced technology to maximise useful x-rays and reduce radiation levels. Delivering up to 25% less radiation that a standard generator, the unit helps ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Flexible and Smart Design – Thanks to the unit’s compact design, the Carestream 2100 System can easily fit into most practices. And with four mounting positions and three arm lengths to choose from, the unit is fully adaptable to your spacing requirements.

High-Quality Images – Providing the ideal blend of contrast and image definition, the 60kV generator boasts a 0.7 mm focal spot to help ensure sharp, contrasted images. And the unit’s adjustable settings allow you to optimise exposure time as needed.

Works the Way You Do – Compatible with every type of imaging technology, the Carestream 2100 works with both film and digital radiography systems, including the Carestream CR 7400 Digital Radiography System and the Carestream RVG Systems.


Technical Specifications

Frequency: Very High-Frequency DC (300 kHz)

Tube voltage: 60 kV

Tube current: 7 mA (film) – 4 mA (digital)

Power supply:

100-110-130V / 60 Hz
230-240V / 50 Hz
Current: 12 A (100-110-130V)

Focal spot: 0.7 mm

Focal length: 20.3 cm

Dimensions of wall mount: 51.3 cm (L) x 19.1 cm (H) x 10.9 cm (W)

Mounting options: Wall (horizontal right and left, vertical), ceiling, mobile, floor

Arm length options: 170.2 cm, 188 cm, 205.7 cm


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