OPG Progeny Vantage


The Progeny Vantage dental x-ray machine delivers detailed diagnostic images with dependable consistency through a powerful combination of technology advancements.


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CCD imaging technology, automatic spinal compensation and advanced robotics provided by 3-Motion Imaging Rotation set a superior panoramic imaging foundation. With an ideal focal trough supported by sophisticated multi-dimensional movement, Vantage images provide optimal clarity and contrast throughout the dental arch. Five pre-programmed selections provide the basis for virtually every clinical exam you’ll need. When customization is called for, it’s just a touch away. Progeny Vantage offers an expanded techniques range of 54-84kV and 4-14mA to provide more control and more options for unique patient needs.

  • Standard Adult Pan – clear diagnostic images
  • Enhanced Adult Pan – increased interproximal spacing
  • Pediatric Pan – reduced dose and clear diagnostic images
  • TMJ Studies – both open and closed with results compiled on one image
  • Bitewing – complete bitewings on one image


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