Timely and responsive service and maintenance for your dental equipment.

WE HAVE a 48-Hour Handpiece Repair Service.

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AN EXTENSIVE range of dental equipment.

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Timely service for the longevity of your dental equipment

We offer timely and responsive service and maintenance for the longevity of your dental equipment. Our team not only install and service dental equipment, we actually have the technical knowledge of how the equipment operates.

Whether a routine service or repair of your equipment, your dental equipment takes priority and we understand the importance of providing a fast turnaround on your repairs.

  • 48-hour handpiece service
  • Technical equipment repairs
  • General equipment servicing
  • Speak to a technician over the phone
  • Australia-wide servicing
  • Dental Equipment Repairs

    Dentec has been servicing and repairing dental equipment since 1997, and we provide service and repairs on handpieces, dental chairs, foot pedals, compressors, scalers, dental carts, suction machines, autoclaves and more.

    We also have a range of information available to help maintain your dental equipment, such as maintenance tips to extend the life of your autoclave or ultrasonic bath, or caring for your dental handpiece.

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  • 48-Hour Handpiece Repairs

    Your dental handpiece is paramount to your practice operations. That is why Dentec offer a 48-hour Handpiece Repair service for high-speed devices to all major capital cities.

    We’ll pick up your handpiece and return it to your practice in 48 hours so you can be back in operation as soon as possible.

    Our repair service for high-speed devices is a competitive $349 and includes free pick up and delivery. We also offer a repair service for other types of handpieces starting from $99 depending on the type of device and your practice location. Contact us to find out the cost for your device as prices and costs will vary for other types of devices and locations.

    Please note, the 48-hour turnaround is applicable to high-speed devices only, and turnaround times may vary for slow-speed devices.

    How to lodge your handpiece repair

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  • Speak to our Technician

    Dentec are able to carry out dental equipment repairs on a wide range of dental equipment including dental chairs, autoclaves, handpieces, ultrasonic baths and more.

    Speak to our Technician over the phone and they will assess your specific equipment issue. In some cases they may be able to help you through the problem over the phone or order the necessary parts for the repairs, saving you a call-out fee.

    Otherwise we can arrange for a Technician to visit your dental practice to complete the repair on site, ensuring we have your equipment up and running in the quickest possible timeframe.

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Working with Dentec has been a really smooth process. At the end I got a brand new practice. I didn’t need worry about any plumbers or electricians. It was all done for me. I just walked in and started working.

Dr Pavleen


All the patients have commented on how beautiful and spacious the practice is and that is down to the attention to detail from the Dentec team. They looked at every aspect including how it would look to patients walking into the surgery for the first time to give them that WOW effect and that is exactly what I wanted!

Dr Hafiz

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