6 benefits to investing in your Dental Practice

A great dental practice design and fitout does more than just give your patients something to talk about. Research indicates that a well-designed workspace can play a big part in motivating your employees, generating revenue and improving customer perceptions. Read Dentec’s six benefits to invest in your dental practice fitout.

    1. Stand out from the crowd

      Having a superior fitout will make you stand out from the crowd. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Retail and services luxury experiences are on the rise and it starts with your dental practice, especially in high affluent areas. Make a statement with your fitout leaving your competitors behind and have the premier practice fitout amongst your local practices.

    2. Investing money to make money.

      In every business, owners are always calculating and analysing how to increase their return on investment and stimulate future growth. Investing profits or loaning funds for further development, be it through calculated risks of new business or through new equipment, buildings, land, and other indispensable development options, investing your funds in your practice is a pivotal way to grow your business to the next level. The invested funds generate immediate cash-flow and long-term profitability, as opposed to savings sitting in the bank generating a lower return. For the purpose of selling your practice, a well-equipped and modern fitout is a key feature to dramatically increase your sale price.

    3. Maximise your floor space

      Whether you’re paying rent per square metre, paying off your mortgage or own your practice outright every square metre of your space is valuable. Is there a better layout that could see your two room practice change to three rooms? An extra room generates more sales, and in turn more money, without increasing your rent or mortgage expense. This investment enables you to increase your return on investment. This investment potentially generates you hundreds of thousands of extra revenue per year. Your time and space are the two largest dynamics that will affect your practice.

    4. Improve efficiency and wellbeing of employees

      Happy employees are more productive employees. An excellent layout and design of space in which your employees are able to move freely between greeting patients and working with them and each other improves the workplace environment. Every second your patient is in the chair is valuable time, therefore you want to ensure employees are using their time resourcefully allowing you attend to each patient efficiently and effectively. Employees that have a higher workplace gratification stay with employers for longer periods.

    5. Improve workplace atmosphere

      By having a beautiful workspace you will automatically create a better ambiance which is reflected in employees’ attitude which is redirected in customer service for your clients. Having a refresh of furnishings can help prevent attitudes and emotions from becoming dreary, keeping everyone who enters your practice feeling positive with a professional perception of both you and your practice.

    6. Improved means of impressing potential customers

      An impressive practice will also entice future patients. Passing foot and car traffic, internet surfers or your current loyal customers, are all potential for recommendations of your practice. Having professional pictures of your new fitout within your marketing and website; will instantly attract future clients before they even walk through the doors. Express yourself through your practice to entice customers to call you to book their next appointment. Further investment in you practice, can make you a leader in your area, attracting customer who are willing to pay more for a better experience; improving your bottom line.


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