6 tips to maintain your dental handpiece
6 tips to maintain your dental handpiece
Did you know dental handpieces break down earlier if they are not maintained properly just like your car. Handpieces require servicing every 6 months to keep them in tip-top condition so they don’t breakdown unexpectedly leaving you without a handpiece.

Here are Dentec’s top 6 tips to help maintain your dental handpiece. Following these tips will help extend the life of your handpiece.

  1. Don’t wipe your handpiece with a chemical disinfectant, this may cause a reaction with the metal shell when heated, possibly shortening the lifespan of your handpiece causing build-up and corrosion
  2. Always apply enough cleaner or lubricant to your handpiece. A general rule of thumb is to apply enough product to ensure the cleaner comes out of the head and the bearings are covered.
  3. The chuck must be cleaned to remove debris weekly to maintain the bur mechanism, otherwise your bur may fall out during the procedure
  4. Gently wipe and run the fiber optic/LED lens under water. If you don’t, this may result in build-up on the lens and provide dismal light quality. You could also use a cotton swab wet with isopropyl alcohol
  5. Don’t run your handpiece under cold water immediately after use. Let it cool down first as the sudden temperature change may damage the turbine.
  6. Ensure you always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on air pressure. Too much air pressure puts excess strain on the handpiece and can cause damage to the turbine bearings.

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