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Dental Care on Wondall

“When I told Dentec I was looking for a new site to open a practice, they not only found me a site, but they dealt with the Council, they dealt with the design and thy refined the design until I was happy. And, if there was a problem during the fitout procedure, they dealt with it very well.

Everything was beautifully done. The materials and equipment were fitted out to my specifications. And, in the end, all I had to do was move in – I could start working straight away.

The team from Dentec came to my previous practice to see how I worked and transplanted that into my current practice requirements. So when I walked into the new practice, it was set up exactly how I had been working for many years. Everything was where I needed it to be.

I had a vision of how I wanted my dental practice to be. My patients have commented on how beautiful and spacious the practice is, and that is down to the attention to detail from the Dentec team. They looked at every aspect including how it would look to patients walking into the surgery for the first time to give them that ‘WOW’ effect and that is exactly what I wanted.”

Dr Hafiz, Dental Care on Wondall


Eric Davis Dental

“We wanted to create a professional, timeless, ergonomically designed Practice which met our operational needs whilst also accommodating our clients in a warm and inviting atmosphere. I’m pleased to say that we have been successful in achieving this outcome.

Overall response from staff and customers has been extremely positive with great feedback being received from not only existing customers of Dr Davis, but many new customers that have attended the Practice. Although the Practice is relatively new to the area, the surgery is extremely popular and is booked out for many weeks in advance.”

Dr Eric Davis, Eric Davis Dental, Forest Glen Qld



Complete Dentistry Dental Practice Fitout


Complete Dentistry

“Dentec were a pleasure to work with during the fitout of our new premises. They made the design and planning really easy.”

Dr David Lakatos, Complete Dentistry


Redcliffe Smiles Dental Practice Fitout

Redcliffe Smiles

Great staff, easy to deal with and over all a fantastic experience! Would highly recommend to everyone 🙂

Redcliffe Smiles



Zillmere Denture Clinic

Zillmere Denture Clinic

Zillmere Denture Clinic

After a flood at our old clinic we made the move to higher ground and employed Dentec to fitout the new Zillmere Denture Clinic. Wow! What a pleasant experience it was. Our new clinic is beyond our expectations and we are extremely happy with the end result. Thank you Dentec!


Dr Toovey, Zillmere Denture Clinic


Brisbane City Dental Practice Fitout

Brisbane City Dental Practice Fitout

Brisbane City Dental

We are happy to have chosen Dentec for the fitout and creation of our third dental practice in Brisbane CBD – Brisbane City Dental. It was a long journey with many changes throughout the process yielding a pleasing end result.

They were very professional, flexible, reliable in communication and prices were reasonable. The good thing was that they were experienced in designing dental fitouts, and were able to plan for a practical and efficient work space. Dan, Roy and Lewis and John were very friendly and helpful. Afterwards when we had further issues they were still happy to help us out which was great!

I would recommend Dentec to anyone in the dental industry looking to start their fitout.

Dr George Jiang, Brisbane City Dental

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Dental Care on Wondall

The brief for this new dental fitout in the Brisbane suburb of Manly was high-end and modern finishes to ensure…

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