Choosing the right dental chair for your practice

Choosing the right dental chair for your practice

Choosing a dental chair for your business is a not a decision to be taken lightly. Technology and capability of dental chairs differ considerably and with such a big investment into your dental practice assets, you should make sure you get the most appropriate chair for you and your dental practice. Here are a range of things to consider when choosing the right dental chair for your practice.

Ergonomic Design

The best chairs are designed with both the dental practitioner and patient in mind. You want to consider:

  • ease of access to your patient
  • ease of manoeuvre into the various positions
  • access to foot control pedals and other mechanical features of the chair without imposing too much interruption to your patient
  • features such as an adjustable headrest and seat which enable you to adapt the chair to the varying sizes and shapes of your patients.


Stability and Durability

Technology and manufacturing standards may vary vastly if choosing between a known and established brand, versus a smaller, unknown provider. You need a dental chair that is going to stand the test of time and use in your dental clinic.

Does the chair have a stable base and sturdy when altering position? What is the quality of the upholstery? Often the length of a manufacturer’s warranty will give you an indication of the potential lifespan of your equipment. You need reliable and long-lasting equipment to ensure there is no disruption to the service you provide your patients.

Patient Comfort

While the aesthetics of your dental chair can ‘set the mood’, it is your patients who will be impacted by your choice of chair. Depending on the dental treatment they’re undergoing, they may be in the chair for an extended period of time. Consider the texture of the chair and placement of any seams and how this may mould with the varying shapes and sizes of your patients.


What is the aesthetic of your dental chair? What about the colour? Does it compliment your dental practice decor and fit in seamlessly with your clinic design? These days, with the large range of dental chairs on the market, there’s often a range of colours you can choose from to add that pop of colour and brighten and lighten up your dental surgery. The quality and appearance of your dental equipment will complement your practice and even your dental business’ overall brand.

The experience to choose the right dental chair for your practice

Once you’ve found the right combination of design and features to suit you, your team’s and your patients’ needs, you can have fun with the colour you choose. With more than 20 year’s experience supplying quality and innovative dental equipment to dentists throughout Australia, the team at Dentec can help you choose the right chair for your practice.

Contact Dentec to discuss your needs today.  We have a range of dental chairs and delivery units to choose from including Tecnodent, DentalEZ and more, and we not only supply, we also install the equipment for you.