Choosing the right location for your dental practice

Choosing the right location for your dental practice

Your Dental Practice Location – Whether you’re considering a start-up or buying an existing dental practice, finding the right location for your business is important. Your decision may be influenced by a range of factors, not just the physical property facilities.

Location. Location. Location.
Choosing the ideal location for your dental practice will depend on:

  • the type of practice and dental services you will provide or the services currently provided if it is an existing practice
  • the number of other dental practices in the area, as well as who may be offering the same or similar services to you
  • the target audience – their demographics including income levels, ethnicity, marital status and family type, i.e. singles, families with children, older age groups
  • the potential for growth in the area – both economically for the area and growth for your business
  • the pricing of your services
  • accessibility of the practice location – is it easy to find, parking, etc.?


What are your property options?
Suitable dental practice locations come in many forms, and there are a range of options that may arise at various points in time:

  • an existing or new site within an existing retail precinct on a main/well-traversed thoroughfare
  • an existing or new site in a shopping centre where the centre management may have influence over services offered, hours of operation, etc.
  • an existing or new site in a standalone location, where it doesn’t necessarily benefit from passing foot/car traffic, i.e. your practice will be the ‘destination’ for your patients
  • a new or existing site within a dedicated medical precinct where your practice will provide the specialist dental services alongside other medical and allied health professionals.


How to select the right property and location for you
It may not be suitable to exclude a location just because there are several other dental practices in the surrounding area or suburbs. Look at cafes and restaurants for example, or retail clothing stores in a shopping centre – everyone gathers together to take advantage of the destination shoppers.

It is more important to ensure that you clearly differentiate your dental practice and service offering from your competitors – why would people go to you, rather than the other dental clinic down the road? Ensuring you distinguish yourself through the people you employ, the customer service you provide, the types of services you offer, the technology you use, your pricing system, and additional benefits for your patients, alongside the economic and demographic profile of the area, will help to ensure your business thrives.

Complimentary Consultation and Property Search Help
Are you looking for a new dental practice location? Contact us today to discuss your needs, including your desired location and we’ll do the work for you. The team at Dentec work with a range of site developers, centre leasing managers and commercial property managers to identify and source suitable dental practice locations. We often get first-look access at prime practice locations which is of great benefit to our clients.