Your Dental Practice Brand and Marketing Strategy

Your Brand and Marketing Strategy

Your brand and business identity is one of your most valuable assets.

Whether you are a start-up dental practice, or an established practice looking for a refresh, ensuring you have the right assets in place – beyond your corporate stationery, will go a long way to driving your business success.

The Foundations
What is your overall brand proposition? Have you clearly defined your business offering, your target audience and have you fully assessed your competitors?

Your unique selling proposition and messaging around your business should be succinct and consistent and clearly communicate your service offering, how you meet the needs of your target audience, why you are different and the benefits for your customers.

Your Brand and Logo
Your brand will drive the overall look and feel for your practice, as well as set the scene for your patients. Your business logo should reflect your business’ personality and resonate with your target audience.

Corporate Stationery
Once you have defined your brand and designed your business logo, what stationery will you need for basic operation of your business? Letterhead, Business/Appointment Cards, templates for invoicing and receipts, brochures and flyers. Signage for your dental business also needs to be effective and eye-catching and recommendations will vary depending on the location of your practice.

Your Website
Your online website presence is just as important as your offline brand presence and it is vital that you stand out from your competitors. Planning and development of your website, including professional copywriting, optimised for search engines is key to giving your business a profile and will be the support of any marketing and advertising efforts.

The Booking System
How will customers book appointments? Will it be over the phone, or will you offer the option of booking online? Partnering with an online booking engine like HealthEngine or another similar provider,  will give you access to patients 24/7 and integrate with your practice software and internal booking system.

Advertising and Promotion
How do you plan to promote and market your new practice? If a dental start up, you will need to consider your launch strategy to build awareness as well as drive new patients. Or, when buying an existing practice, what is your communication plan to existing practice patients? The transition for any business – start up or already established – is important.

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