The Power Of Sound Innovation In Your Practice – Sonos Dental Sound System

Discover how effective modern technology in a dental sound system can be in increasing your patient return and referrals.

Innovation; there is a lot of it lately, keeping up to date with it can be some what daunting, even more so knowing what innovation is useful to us as dentists. Each week we are delivered with all sorts of wonderful new music tracks for all generations so it is important that we cater for all patient needs. With the latest apps on mobile technology and music on demand over the internet, the right music to elevate your practice at the right time has never been more available and easier to get hold of thanks to playlists that can be created through modern day apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Shazam, Youtube and the list goes on.

The question is, how can dentists use a Dental Sound System to its full potential to increase patient return. Well the challenge we face today with conventional sound systems is that they are there to create noise through out the practice giving a lot of background static, however what the modern day practice needs is to cater for all patients in different scenarios; whether they are waiting nervously in your dental chair, waiting in reception, in a consult room, standing in front of an x-ray machine, in the the child play pen, behind reception, perhaps staff in your staff room, or even using the w/c.
As constant researchers and receivers of positive feedback from our clients, Dentec have witnessed the importance of patient satisfaction for the return and referrals for more patients and increased business. Different moods in different situations require different activities to increase the patient overall experience level. Through innovation, we are today capable of not just providing one singular sound output but multiple streams of output to deliver ambiance to each room, all tailored to the overall atmospheric experience that the dentist wants to deliver to their returning patient.

Benefits of modernising your sound system:

  • Improved patient experience, leading to more referrals and increased reputation
  • Tailored playlists, volume, tones for each dentist and patient in each room
  • Increase in familiarity leading to more comfort and relaxed patients
  • Aesthetically pleasing with ceiling mounted speakers
  • Allows synchronisation with modern music and sound apps
  • Impresses patients with the use of latest innovation technology
  • Keeps the practice up to date.


Delivering tailored sound through the use of modern technology and a Dental Sound System allows the practice to be unique and memorable. It is even possible to select a play list that is for that patient’s (or staff’s) background, allowing the dentist to serve a much wider range of demographics in patients. The Sonos Sound Systems allows for wireless connectivity straight from any mobile device or personal computer. With installed ceiling mounted speakers, ambient sounds can be tailored in separate rooms to achieve the desired experience.

If you would like to find out more about modernising your dental practice and installing your new Sonos Sound System in your surgery today then contact a Dentec team member today or call 1800 88 44 44 .