Design Feature – Ceiling Panels

Sometimes you just want to add a bit of a refreshed aesthetics to your dental practice without a full renovation. Adding ceiling panels instantly creates WOW and creative flair to your practice. With Perspex backlit roof panels it’s a relatively easy installation process.

Decorating the ceiling of your Surgery can be a fairly straight forward process and can instantly help to create a more peaceful, relaxing and visually appealing environment. Translucent ceiling tiles or photographic ceilings can transform any interior space with a standard ceiling into a natural oasis. We recommend using  Perspex backlit roof panels to create this effect to really give a great positive reaction from your patients as soon as they enter the dental practice room.

Whether it’s a brief dental check-up or a longer 2-3 hour dental treatment, your patients will appreciate an inviting visual distraction. Gazing at a calm, photographic scene may help to keep them relaxed during their visit. Ceiling panels can instantly make a trip to the Dentist a more positive experience for adults and children.

Many customers have opted for beautiful crisp photography of blue skies, majestic coastlines, serene forests, coral reef or white sand tropical beaches. What would you have as your feature panel image?

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