Designing your Dental Surgery Floor Plan

Designing your Dental Surgery Floor Plan

The layout or floor plan of your dental clinic is a vital part of your practice operations. It impacts the way you and your team are able to function and also affects the way your patients may respond. Spend the time in the early stages of your dental practice planning to get this right!

A good dental surgery floor plan will aid day-to-day operational efficiency whilst also providing the best dynamics for your employees and patients. Regardless of the size of your dental practice, you want to ensure that your space is maximised and utilised effectively.

Consider the flow of your patient service, from their entrance into your Reception or Waiting Room area, through to meet and greet location, and leading them to the consultation room. This traffic flow for both staff and patients can positively or negatively impact your customer’s (and employees’) experience. The flow is particularly important as it moves between your public spaces and work zones and your private/back of house spaces.

How to plan your space requirements

To help you plan your space requirements, think about the number of employees working in the dental practice on a daily basis. What roles and functions do these individuals have and what tools and resources do they need access to for them to be able to perform their jobs?

For example, your Reception staff need the ability to meet and greet your patients in an open and welcoming environment; they need easy access to computers, phones and printers. Your dental practitioners will need adequate space and room to manoeuvre within the surgery or consultation room as well as access the sterilisation room or other equipment resources. How easy is it for your patients and staff to access the rest rooms? Do patients need to walk past your equipment and sterilisation rooms, staff areas and more?

Proven experience in designing functional and innovative floor spaces for dentists

Dentec has extensive experience in designing innovative, quality and functional dental practices that optimise your floor space and maximise your day-to-day operational efficiency. We’ll work with you to understand your dental practice needs, employee structure and provide you with customised floor plans to meet your requirements. We’ll work with you to assess your practice needs including Reception area, Surgery rooms, OPG and equipment, Staff rooms, Sterilisation Rooms and amenities for staff and patients.

Talk to Dentec about your dental practice design – whether you’re planning a new practice, or refurbishing an existing dental practice, we’ll help you to plan effectively and maximise your business output.

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