Eric Davis Dental

One of the unique aspects of the design brief was the need to have a ‘left-right’ fitout; that met the needs of both left-handed and right-handed dental practitioners, with Dr Davis being right-handed and his son, Dr Daniel Davis being left-handed. This component of the brief not only informed the layout and flow of the floorplan and fixtures, but also influenced the type of dental furnishings and equipment.

As a result, the team from Dentec designed a Practice that met the ergonomic requirements of the ‘ambidextrous’ Practitioners as well as ensuring comfort and accessibility for customers. Each room has been designed to cater for ‘left-right’ use, in particular the cabinetry and bench design has the sink located in the middle so the dentists can access this from either side.

The stylish and attractive fitout is modern with the quality of materials ensuring that they will have long-lasting effects with minimal maintenance. The textures used, from carpeting in the Reception and Waiting area, through to the timber and vinyl flooring used in the surgery rooms were all chosen for their look as well as their durability. The soft colour palette of light blues, greens and greys provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Doors and walls throughout the hallways and customer areas are frosted, providing a combination of privacy whilst still enabling light flow and the sense of feeling less enclosed.