Interior Design Trends for Modern Medical Centres

Crystal Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, illuminating the room in a soft yellow glow. Around the room, trendy fiddle-leaf fig plants liven up the space with their gorgeous deep green hues. A cosy bench seat fronts the wall of French-style windows, the perfect place for people watching as the crowds pass on by.

You’re not imagining a chic new restaurant but a well-designed healthcare practice. Beyond the contemporary waiting room are consult rooms and procedure rooms equipped with all the latest in healthcare equipment, among other medical centre fixtures.

From improving aesthetics to incorporating modern technology, hospitals, practices and other healthcare centres are upgrading their interiors to attract and retain patients. If your facility isn’t as inviting and as contemporary as you’d like it to be, here’s a guide to creating a practice that will improve patient satisfaction and boost staff morale.

Neutral palettes for waiting rooms and consult areas

Your waiting room’s design is an essential element to your patients’ experience. If you’re thinking about what palette to use, a neutral colour scheme makes spaces look sophisticated and helps patients feel more relaxed. Lightly coloured walls and crisp white tones remind visitors of clean and luxurious spas instead of the usual drab and dreary hospitals. You can also add calming pops of pastel hues such as mint green or sky blue. These shades add more life to spaces without reducing the ambience of peace and serenity.

When you’re planning your medical centre fit out, consider your clients experience by investing in a private waiting room where patients can watch TV, enjoy a cup of coffee and surf the Internet with facility provided WiFi. With warm wall colours and comfortable armchairs or sofas to cosy up the space.

Embrace Biophilic design

According to EarthTalk Inc., Biophilic design connects people and nature within built environments. It brings the outdoors inside. In medical practices, Biophilic design often connects communal areas such as entrances, consult rooms, refresh areas and waiting rooms to daylight and nature. This connection promotes a calming environment, helping patients relax during their appointments.

To implement Biophilic design in your practice, incorporate plants and invite more natural light into the space. Glass curtain walls, skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows reduce the need for artificial lighting and help improve the moods of patients and staff. Additionally, not only will natural lighting help you and your team and your patients with the outside feels, a recent study found that daylight exposure serves as a natural disinfectant, helping kill bacteria commonly found in dust. This a “win, win” situation.

Amenities of Home

Waiting rooms should no longer be filled with rows of stark black chairs, old musty carpet, a table filled with old magazines, maybe a recent one top and a toy or two to occupy children. Today’s waiting rooms should have flat screen televisions and feature artwork adorning the walls. Secluded areas with charging stations and sitting areas that look like living rooms or coffee shops. Many medical practices also include snack or refresh stations in their interior design. They feature coffee makers, mini fridges or snack bars that make patients feel at home. Reception Desks are no longer a boring piece of furniture, these now are a vital part of the interior design. When it comes to Reception Desks there’s a mix of practicality and creativity that encapsulates the bespoke interior design.

Rejuvenate Your Medical Centre with Dentec Australia

Careful thought must go into planning your medical centre fitout.

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