Is your Dental Practice a sleeping giant? 6 ways to awaken your potential.

A happy team is a productive team. Your dental practice design has a substantial influence on your employees’ happiness.

Dentec looks at how an optimal dental practice can improve the team performance in your workplace and also help you become the ‘Dentist of Choice’.

Get motivated! Be productive!

If you have any doubts about the benefits of motivation in the workplace, think about your own performance when tasks need doing. Motivation will increase or decrease depending on your mood. Motivation affects your enthusiasm, concentration and ability to do a job well, which has a direct impact on productivity.

If you undertake any change in a practice, you can expect an increase in productivity because staff are motivated. According to research, the productivity increase can be as high as 36%.

Why does a new fitout improve motivation?

Of course you don’t need to have a total practice makeover if you don’t want to go that far. However over the years, clutter builds up at work just as it does in the home. A fitout or refurbishment is usually the driver for a big clean up and employees will arrive each day to a fresh looking, clean workspace.

Then of course you have the fresh interior décor and modern furniture, not to mention that ‘new smell’ that makes people feel good (think of a new car compared to an old)! Staff know that a new fitout is an investment in the business, and in them. This gives them an emotional uplift to your team culture and makes them optimistic about their future prospects, driving motivation in the workplace.

Culture change

Over time, as you’re more motivated and productive staff work together and influence others, the entire culture of your business can actually change. Dentec has had positive feedback from clients even months after their fitout has been completed; who have retained long returning customers that they were sometimes even in danger of losing.

They have gained a reputation for being a ‘Dentist of Choice’ and can flourish in what is said to be a “saturated market”. All of this stems from a more positive can-do culture that inspires others, shows people they are important and permeates through not only the organisation, but their clients word of mouth too.

Reduced practice costs

An investment in a practice fitout can reduce long term running costs. Of course, an increase in work outputs and the quality of work performed will reduce business costs through more efficient use of resources and greater productivity; but, you can also save cold, hard cash through a well-planned and designed dental practice fitout or refurbishment.

These increase in bottom line opportunities come from:

  • Efficiency in operations between patient, admin, dentist
  • Dental space planning to increase the look and feel of the patient experience (great for word of mouth!)
  • More space and modular furniture that can be adapted to suit your unique practice
  • Surgery to steri work flow, saving you and your staff time
  • Modern and efficient technology that accompanies a new dental fitout
  • The capabilities to attract a new (and old) client base
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork


When undertaking a new design, you have the opportunity to revolutionise the layout and practice dynamics. Dentec works with clients daily on implementation of new practice designs for better collaboration.

All practices are different of course but interior design and layout solutions often include activity based working, flexible working, and close communication. All these add the productivity of your practice, allowing you to serve more, happier clients.

Technology and flexible working

On that last but one point about new technology, investment in devices that enable more flexible working (e.g. from home or on the road) is rarely wasted. We no longer live in a 9-5 world and the easier you make it for your staff to work the better productivity!

In particular, mobile technology encourages collaboration and completion of tasks, because nobody likes the Unread Messages to build up. Do not restrict your fitout planning to what happens inside the office, think about the big picture and how you can improve your team performance, hence the interaction with your clients.

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