Medical Centre Fit Out

Medical Centre Fit Out

There comes a time when you may need to look at changing the layout or design of your medical centre. Although this isn’t an easy decision to make and the task often seems daunting, the benefits of the changes for both your employees and patients are numerous. More often than not, busy owners and practice managers start the design process without prior preparation. Thinking you will be able to disregard one or multiple parts of the process is a mistake some people do make, and more often than not it becomes a costly one.

We will go over some of the mistakes others have made in the hopes that you do not repeat their errors, but can learn from them.

The first error people tend to make is rushing through the planning stage or try to do the designing themselves. As expected if you do not plan your layout, timeline, and resources thoroughly, as the project progresses these stages of planning that were skipped will come back to cause trouble and unnecessary frustrations. Proper planning with a qualified project manager is the key to have a well designed and executed new medical fit out. Regardless of how busy you might be, overlooking this step will not do your business any favours and can turn out to be one of your biggest expenditures. An oversight in any legal regulations, requirements, or permissions needed with building or demolishing some or all areas of your medical centre, will not only cause hefty delays but will be sure to hit you in the hip pocket too.

Another important mistake to avoid is trying to cut corners on costs. The saying “you get what you paid for”, is still around today because it is still true and relevant today. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try and get a deal or discount if you can, however, not at the cost of the quality or reliability of the material or the work being done. There are experts in the medical interior design field that will be able to show you ways to save money without allowing any compromise to the crucial elements of the new fit out. Tight budgets are no excuse for poor design and execution.

Redesigning and building a new medical centre fit out takes time to complete. Rushing to bring in new pieces of equipment and restock your surgery rooms while you still have builders working on site, will only do yourself and them a disservice. While project timelines may be in place before the project began, sometimes for reasons out of people’s control, you may find small delays throughout the project have delayed completion dates. Working with an experienced project manager will help minimalize these delays.

Think ahead, far ahead, try and future proof your new project and design as much as you can. You will be doing your business a huge favour in the long run. By being able to plan, whether that is by yourself or with the help of some hired experts, will future proof your business, increasing the time until you need to start this process again. It allows you to create space or rooms or take advantage of new technology that you will need to use in the future as your business evolves and grows. Business planning during the design phase with an experienced medical interior designer saves multiple smaller renovations and future downtime, all-time which could be better spent on helping your patients.