Enjoy a Stress-Free Journey with Us

Enjoy a Stress-Free Journey with Us

Initial Brief

Working with Dentec is a group of Australian Award-Winning Designers, with ground-up construction experience whom specialise in designing stunning interior environments. Practice flow and supporting staff to work effectively is what we promote by designing ergonomic, code compliant, patient friendly, environmentally approved quality practices.

Design Concepts and inspirations are arrived at through a comprehensive process. From inspecting the site, taking a in depth design brief from the client and exploring all design opportunities.

Find Site & Location

Searching for the perfect location for your new practice can be time consuming. Whether you are looking to buy or lease, a good location is confirmed by Dentec’s fitout consultants. Our consultants will access your new site and be able to confirm from a building point of view the plumbing and electrical capacity, accessibility requirements and whether it is a practical location to build and operate a new practice.

If the site ticks all of the essential boxes, Dentec’s design team will draft a floorplan to show the layout of the potential practice. A detailed scope of works and costings are generated showing fitout costs up front.

Lease Negotiation

Negotiating a retail commercial lease can be tricky. Generally, the landlord will want to ensure he or she gets the best deal possible. You may need to act fast on a deal, however you may need to hold on and wait, and with help from Dentec’s senior consultants they can expertly guide you through the negotiation process to ensure you get the best deal.

Interior Design & Finishes

Dentec are proud to have partnered with Australia’s leading Interior Designers, Wrightson Stewart Interior Designers. The group of designers are one of Australia’s award-winning designers whom are passionate about good design and pride themselves on finding innovative and exciting solutions for each design problem they come across. Ian Wrightson & Steven Stewart are highly respected members of the design community. Their work is regularly published in design and lifestyle journals, books and blogs.

The team of designers specialise in bespoke built environments taking into consideration the outside sphere and translating this on the inside. To do this there is many inspirations and creative sessions that result with interior finishes board. Finishes are displayed in the showroom (Design Studio) in Dentec’s head office, Brisbane. Choosing finishes is always an interesting and one of the more pleasurable tasks. However sometimes an interior designer’s influence can assist our dentist clients to make a better decision that resonates with their overall brand. This decisions are made collectively choosing samples and colours available on display in Dentec’s design and fitout showroom in Brisbane.

Interior Design Our Showroom

Equipment and IT analysis

Dentec initially started by a team of Equipment service technicians whom knew the insides of a Dental and Medical Practice at heart.

Previously the technicians were builders in the construction industry however they decided to join their Equipment knowledge together with their construction knowledge and offer an all-inclusive service.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry, this knowledge is what our customers have commented they are thankful for, as it has saved them thousands of dollars and offered them peace of mind that the practice will be purpose built to ensure the correct environment and conditions are adhered to for the expensive Equipment to last.

Dentec can offer an Equipment package for your new practice.

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Fitout & Construction

With over 20 years of fitout and construction knowledge as well as Equipment and Maintenance expertise, Dentec is always refining its experience-based fitout process to create a seamless journey throughout the fitout stages. With the wealth of construction and equipment knowledge, our clients state Dentec offers peace of mind with end to end solutions from Design, Construction, Marketing, Equipment and Servicing.

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Branding & Marketing

Dentec assists dentists not only with dental design and fitouts but also Dental Branding and Marketing ensuring end to end brand and image solution. Dentec can design new logos and marketing materials that reflect the true essense of your business’ personality and which resonates with your target audience. Dentec’s dental branding and marketing services include:

  • New logo design
  • Exterior and interior shop front signage. This includes include street and building signs, window signage and other customised signage options.
  • Stationary including flyers, advertisements for your local paper, email templates and more.

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Build & Project Management

With many years of experience Dentec will complete a fixed cost for the project, taking the uncertainty out of your budget. A timeline will be established with a start and finish date and a team-member will be your dedicated contact all the way through the project. Our customers have commented before on how easy the process has been and that’s what we value so that you can focus on what matter; Your Patients.