Pick a dental chair colour with DentelEz
Pick a dental chair colour with DentelEz

Need helping picking colours for  your new dental chair in your dental surgery?

Mix ‘n’ match with DentalEz’s interactive colour picker below. Choose an abundance of colour combinations between your dental chair, cupboards, bench tops, flooring, walls and stools.

Let’s start bringing your colour scheme to life beginning with your dental chair! Simply click on the tabs below of what colour you’d  like to alter and select the swatch sample you’d like to see, the swatch will then fill the model room below and you can start to bring your colour choices to life!

If you need any help with any products from DentalEz including a dental chair or customising your dental surgery fitout call Dentec on 1800 88 44 44 or contact us here. 

Dental Chair Colour Palette