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BluTab Waterline Maintenance Tablets – Achieving Clean Water

BluTab Waterline Maintenance Tablets are specially formulated to be continuously present in your water lines and to keep lines clean. An effervescing tablet is added to a self contained water bottle each time it is refilled.

Weekly shock treatments are not necessary. Purging water lines at the end of the work day is not necessary. Achieving clean water can really be that easy.

 BluTab has been chosen over 10 million times to provide thousands of offices with clean dental unit water.

– Continuously Present Treatment – Simply drop an effervescing tablet into your water bottle when you refill.

– Safe for Patients & Staff – Each tablet contains a super low concentration of non-toxic ingredients that maintain your system.

– BluTab is odorless and tasteless.

– Economical – BluTab eliminates the labor and cost associated with weekly “shock” treatments.

– BluTab remains effective for up to 28 days. No waste, simply use it until it’s gone.

– No Effect on Bonding – Testing has shown there is no statistical difference between bond strengths of enamel or dentin samples whether using distilled water or irrigant water treated with BluTab.

Available in:

– Box of 50 tablets for 700-750 mL bottle
– Box of 50 tablets for 2 L bottle

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