Carestream 2200 X-Ray Unit


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Carestream 2200 X-Ray Unit

The Carestream 2200 Intraoral X-Ray System is designed to help improve your diagnostic abilities and enhance patient comfort. A very high-frequency (DC) x-ray generator helps ensure superior image quality and reproducibility, with improved safety conditions for your patients and staff. The Carestream 2200 System has an adjustable tube voltage (60 or 70 kV), so you can customise contrast or grey shading levels based on exam requirements – giving you the results you need to support your diagnoses.

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Customise Exposure – Automatically time precise exposures based on anatomical region, patient body weight and detector type. The pre-programmed electronic timer calculates settings automatically for fast and easy operation.

Improve Diagnostic Accuracy – Our very high-frequency generator allows you to obtain superior image quality while minimising radiation exposure. Equipped with a focal spot of 0.7 mm, the Carestream 2200 System produces sharp, focused images. Plus, the adjustable kV and mA settings give you the ability to optimise the radiographic image according to patient morphology and diagnostic needs.

Enhance Safety Conditions – Reduce the radiation exposure for your patients and staff with our advanced technology. The system emits constant radiation, maximising useful X-rays to significantly reduce levels of radiation.

Obtain Total Flexibility – Optimised for both film and digital capture, the Carestream 2200 System provides exceptional image quality in any environment. The short exposure times make the unit ideal for use with our full range of dental digital radiography systems. With its pleasing design and multiple installation options, this system fits easily into most practices.


Technical Specifications

X-Ray generator: Very high-frequency DC – 300kHz

Tube voltage: 60 kV, 70 kV

Tube current: 7 mA (film) – 4 mA (digital)

Power supply: 100-110-130V / 60 Hz

230-240V / 50 Hz
Current: 12 A (100-110-130V)

Focal spot: 0.7 mm

Focal length: 20.3 cm

Dimensions of wall mount: 51.3 cm (L) x 19.1 cm (H) x 10.9 cm (W)

Mounting options: Wall (horizontal right and left, vertical), ceiling, mobile, floor

Arm length options: 170.2 cm, 188 cm, 205.7 cm


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