Carestream 8000C Series OPG (with Cephalometric System)



Carestream 8000C Series OPG (with Cephalometric System)

All of the same features as the Carestream 8000 with the additional feature of the Cephalometric System.

Delivering high image quality, quickly and effortlessly, the Carestream 8000C system is the perfect solution for basic panoramic examinations.

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Easy Positioning

The Carestream 8000C system makes positioning patients simple. Unlike other systems that position the patient with his or her back to the operator, the Carestream 8000C system offers face-to-face positioning for easier placement and more comfortable exams.  Now you can look your patients in the eyes – putting them at ease like never before.

Better Diagnosis

Thanks to the system’s open design, your patients will feel more comfortable – and greater patient comfort means less movement. This, in turn, helps ensure the clear, high-quality images you need to make accurate diagnoses.

Effortless Image Processing

Need to modify your contrast? Want to adjust the brightness? With the Carestream 8000C system’s powerful imaging software, you can do this and more. Image enhancement is made simple thanks to a full range of tools. From now on, analyzingimages will be a totally new experience.

Enhanced Image Quality

Featuring the latest software processing algorithms, the improved Carestream 8000C system delivers clearer and sharper clinical details. The result: high-diagnostic value images.

Multiple Perspectives

Capture all the shots you need and all the views you require for your basic examination needs. One of the advantages of the Carestream 8000C system is that it offers an array of image possibilities. And, as you know, an accurate diagnosis requires the ability to look at it in several different ways. The most common examination – the standard panoramic – lets you view the entire dental structure as well as surrounding bone and tissue.

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