Carestream 9000 Series OPG


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Carestream 9000 Series OPG

Easy & Precise Positioning

The chief cause of panoramic exam failure is incorrect patient positioning. It facilitates proper positioning, thereby reducing the risk of retakes.Two laser beams help adjust the patient appropriately: the Frankfurt plane and the sagittal median plane. The chin rest, lateral holders and bite block then ensure patient stability.

High Grade Results

Traditional, yet innovative. The 3D component is not the only change to the unit. We also made several improvements to the 2D base system. Hence, the Carestream 9000 system has multiple enhancements, and innovations over previous models.

Fully automated and adjustable. The unit is fully motorized and features an adjustable focal trough. Thus, the system overcomes the difficulties tied to even the most challenging of patient  morphologies. In essence, high-end functionalities yield high quality results.

Adjustable focal trough. Because the shape of each jaw is unique, the Carestream 9000 system’s focal trough and trajectory change according patient jaw morphology and incisor orientation. The more closely the focal trough follows the jaw, the more accurate the images. In addition, this function reduces artefacts resulting from undesired objects located outside the focal trough. Of course, the Carestream 9000 system also includes all the other technologies essential to ensuring high quality results: a high frequency generator, a CCD sensor, and spinal shadow compensation.

Complete Automation for Total Focus

Thanks to a series of automated programs, the device can minimize the need for operator handling. Program selection occurs directly on the computer through a user-friendly and intuitive interface where settings are pre-programmed. In fact, because sensor selection (panoramic, cephalometric or 3D) is automatic and does not require any handling, you effectively limit the risk of damaging the most sensitive and expensive part of the unit.

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