Cattani Compressors – AC100 and AC100Q


Cattani Compressors deliver high performance and consistently deliver clean, dry, oil-free, hygienic air. To help achieve their high quality product the Cattani compressor tanks are internally coated with a certified food grade resin. Clean dry air not only protects your patients and the work you perform for them, but also your valuable equipment. As an added bonus of developing an oil free compressor, the patented, low friction internal components means that ongoing maintenance is reduced and longevity of the unit is increased.


Product Code: AC100
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High performance and peace of mind – Cattani’s compressors are designed to provide high quality dry air and almost silently with their integrated acoustic housing.

Units with dryer pre-filter for humid climates available on request.


  • Model Number: K-AC1000
  • No. of seats: 1
  • Power: 1ph 240V; 3.8A 0.55kW
  • Height (mm): 720
  • Width (mm): 620
  • Depth (mm): 460
  • Weight (kg): 47
  • Sound Output (dBA): 70
  • Max Air Flow at 5 Bar NL/min: 67.5
  • Tank Size (Litres): 30


  • Model Number: K-AC100Q
  • No. of seats: 1
  • Power: 1ph 240V; 3.8A 0.55kW
  • Height (mm): 860
  • Width (mm): 660
  • Depth (mm): 600
  • Weight (kg): 57
  • Sound Output (dBA): 63
  • Max Air Flow at 5 Bar NL/min: 67.5
  • Tank Size (Litres): 30


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