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CSN X-Ray Units

Ergonomics – Ergonomics is the core of new MAX70 design. The new single pantograph arm can move in a range of 92° with respect to the bracket and therefore allows to move the tubehead in the same positions than a standard double pantograph arm, with less efforts and with less vertical impediment when in rest position, even reaching 200 cm of maximum extension (with the 120 cm bracket). The master control is free from the body of the unit and, thanks to very thin special cables, it is possible to install it in the preferred place. MAX70 is equipped with connectors for remote controls (keys, buttons) and is prearranged for the wireless remote control SHOTMAX (optional). Cleaning is easy thanks to the absence of soft parts (bellows) and to the smoothness of the shapes.

Ecology – The new model of MAX70 HF/DC was designed and manufactured according to the current regulations, but CSN wanted to go over in order to ensure a better future to everybody. Thanks to the wide use of ABS and aluminium, most components of MAX70 are recyclable. The sophisticated electronics developed by our technicians allow to reduce energy consumption, while obtaining optimal radio-diagnostic: with only 6mA, MAX70 is able to offer the same performances of 8mA generators, thus signicantly decreasing the consumption of electrical power and granting more reliability to the whole system, thanks to less current.

Simplicity – The user interface is the centre of the system: it is available in different languages and has a clear back-lightened display to enable easy reading even in case of unfavourable light situation. With its outstanding aspect, the display shows a large amount of data which are fundamental for a correct use of the unit: exposure time, tooth, film sensitivity, calculated dose, patient size, selected kilo-voltage. All the functions are easily accessible by a touch panel where all the mainly used parameters are shown.

Technique – The new tubehead is equipped with Toshiba lamp, working at 6mA instead of the previous 8mA, maintaining efficacy. Power value can be set at 60, 65 or 70 kVp: this feature makes MAX70 the perfect instrument for accurate and fast diagnosis. In order to offer even easier setting, two functioning modes are available, one when using traditional films and the other when employing intraoral digital sensors. Both modes offer precise setting based on sensitivity range: the user can select the value according to the product in use. Exposure time can vary from 0.01 to 2.54 sec in steps of 0.01 sec for a more precise setting.


Technical data

  • Power supply/Frequency 230V/50-60Hz (upon request 110V/50-60Hz)
  • Absorbed power 800 VA max.
  • X-Ray tube Toshiba
  • Tube voltage, selection: 60-65-70 kVp
  • Tube current 6 mA
  • Focal spot 0.8×0.8 mm
  • Total filtration > 2 mm Al
  • Focal length 20 cm (short cone)
  • 30 cm (long cone)
  • Primary radiation area diam. < 60 mm


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