MyRay RXDC eXTend – High Frequency X-Ray Unit


Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology.

RXDC eXTend is MyRay’s latest version of the high-frequency X-ray unit built to offer accurate X-ray imaging thanks to the outstanding parallelism achieved via 12” embedded collimation. Design solutions and cutting-edge technology combine to provide dental professionals with a highly precise piece of equipment which boasts flexibility thanks to multifunctional settings and wireless controls. Specifically conceived for digital X-ray imaging, the constant potential tube head guarantees consistently sharp images and contributes to achieving a significant reduction of the radiation dosage.


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Technical Data:

  • Classification: Electro-medical equipment Class I type B (CEI EN 60601-1/1998, par.5) Class llb (CCE 93/42, annex IX)
  • Generator: Constant potential, microprocessor controlled
  • Operating Frequency: 145KHz – 230KHz self adjusting (175 KHz typical)
  • Focal Spot: 0.7mm, IEC 336
  • Total Filtration: 2.5mm AI
  • Anode Current (mA): 6; 7mA
  • Voltage (kV): 60; 63; 65 kV
  • Exposure Time: 0,010-1,000 sec, R10 and R20 scale
  • Source-skin distance: 30 and 20cm (12″ and 8″) round, 30cm (12″) rectangular
  • Irradiated field: 88mm or 60mm round
  • Additional collimators: 35x45mm rectangular, 31x41mm and 22x35mm rectangular for size 2 and size 1 sensors
  • Duty Cycle: Self regulating, continuous operation up to 1s/60s
  • Line Voltage: 50/60 Hz, 115V +-10% or 230V +-15%
  • Arms: Available in 3 lengths: 40cm, 60cm, 90cm
  • Max Arm Extension: 230cm, from wall
  • Certification: CE0051, cCSAus, FDA approved


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