Space planning, interior design & branding
Space planning, interior design & branding
It’s now time for the second part of our four-part series on opening your dental practice. This topic covers New Dental Practice Planning, PLANNING YOUR REFURBISHMENT. Good planning eliminates a lot of stress! Throughout this article we will cover space planning, interior design and injecting your brand into your dental practice Fit out.

Let’s start with SPACE PLANNING.

New Dental Practice Planning, your layout is a vital part of design as this will affect every day of your working life. It is crucial that it is 100% user friendly for your requirements. Whether your dental practice is 70, 100 or 200sqm we want to maximise every inch of space to get the most bang for your buck!

Write down how many employees will be working in the practice, and then write down what they absolutely need in order to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Some employees may have different needs based on their positions, so be thorough. Once you know exactly what you have to have, consider the measurements and size of the new office space, and plan accordingly.

Dentec has designed numerous dental practices over the last 8 years and created customised floor plans to suit many different requirements/desires/needs. We have a general feel of the ideal size needed for a reception area, surgery room, OPG, Staff room and Offices, so you can have complete trust in what we suggest.

It’s a good idea to mock up two different floors plans for the space at hand and play around with the options until you find the best use of space to maximise all areas. Once the floor plan is allocated you’ll then know how the practice will flow for your everyday working life.

Next an INTERIOR DESIGN that will work in with your BRANDING.

Whilst interior design and branding are completely different topics the two go hand-in-hand and needed to be married perfectly for the optimal finish. Aligning your branding with your surgery interior will give patients confidence and positive feelings towards your brand and the dentists who work there.


We covered in our first-part that you really need to consider your demographics in the area of your dental practice, this will help you determine who your client base is. This information is pivotal to determining your brand and what it stands for.  Are you going to be a high-end full service dental practice who charges slightly more or are you going to be a budget basic dental practice? Whatever client base you are targeting your surgery brand and interior design needs to reflect to suit this. Plus including a little of the dental practice owner’s personality and taste into the logo and interior design always helps patients connect with their dentist on a more personal level.

We generally prefer to design the logo, determine your branding then create your one-of-a-kind Fitout design. Once you define your logo feel and colours we inject this into your dental practice interior design and create a 3D computer-generated concept to bring your Surgery to life, and give you a feel as to the layout and ensure your brand/theme is suited to the initial design plan.

At Dentec we have an interior graphic design team who work together to create concepts from initial enquiry. If you’re planning a fitout, now could also be the perfect time to do a complete rebrand or simply use your current logo in the new fitout keeping colours and mood consistent across the board but breathing some fresh air into your branding.

For more information about planning your space and dental practice Fitout please call Dentec on 1800 88 44 44 and let us create you a dental surgery that you are truly proud of.

In part three of this series we’ll discuss fitout timelines from initial enquiry through to construction process and how long it will take until your doors are open for their first day of trade.