Spruce Up Your Dental Practice with Aesthetics and Quality Equipment

When patients enter your dental practice, they will pass judgment, sometimes in the subconscious mind, on the appearance of your facilities. This is because the mind creates an impression based on the aesthetic appeal and overall ambience of your practice and how it reflects your commitment to quality. Clients can be   deterred by a space that looks dull, stiff and outdated.

The next time you walk in through the front doors of your practice, imagine what it looks and feels like to your patients. Does your office represent the quality of dentistry that you provide? Is the lighting too harsh? Is your equipment up-to-date? What does it smell like? Does the overall ambience put your patients at ease?

Do you want to make an excellent first impression? Invest in a medical centre fitout that will enhance the image of your space. Here are some points to consider when rejuvenating your Dental Practice.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For a Dental Practice to appeal to patients, it should have a comfortable and relaxing ambience. According to the University of Adelaide, dental fear and dental anxiety are legitimate phobias. These conditions affect about one in six Australian adults and one in ten children.

Consider the atmosphere of your waiting area, this is the first space your clients enter and where the fear begins. Consider the colour schemes of your rooms and the furnishings in your practice. What feelings do they evoke? If you want your patients to feel calm and relaxed when waiting for their dental appointment, choose warmer and softer colours such as your earthly tones of browns, yellows, oranges or beiges. For a touch of extra comfort, add pastel-coloured cushions to your seating area. A few indoor plants such as succulents and potted palms will also make the space look more welcoming.

Cool shades such as mint green and baby blue will go well in the treatment rooms, as these colours are known to promote a sense of tranquility and reduce anxiety. Consider hanging some art prints, inspirational quotes and motivational posters on the walls or ceilings to give patients interesting objects to look at during treatment.

Update your equipment

dental tools

Investing in the latest advancements in dental equipment is vital when you want to stay competitive in today’s Dental Industry. Modern equipment will not only improve the efficiency of your practice, it will communicate to patients that they’re receiving high-quality dental care from you.

Updated equipment includes the latest in imaging and X-Ray machines as well as ergonomic dental chairs. These raise the level of the services that you provide and increases the comfort of your patients during treatments, check-ups and surgeries. Additionally, the tools will help you diagnose and treat patients better. By adding services that your patients can’t find with other dental specialists, you’ll stand out from your competitors and provide the best treatments available in your area.

Improve Your Dental Practice and Patients’ Experience with Dentec AU

As one of the country’s leading providers of medical centre fitouts, we have a team of designers, architects and builders who have the creative ability to create the space that reflects what you envisage your clients to think and feel when in your practice.Revamp your space for success. We’re a young and creative team with fresh and new ideas that will make your facility warm, welcoming and modern. We work closely with you throughout every step of the project, from initial space planning to sourcing equipment and installation, to doors open for trade.

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