Things to consider when starting a dental practice

With more than 20 years’ expertise and experience in working with the dental industry, Dentec provides a range of specialist services and support to help you with the end-to-end development of your dream dental practice.

When planning a new dental practice, there are many aspects to consider before you open those doors for business. Beyond the financial aspects, business planning, licences and insurances, whether you are starting up a new practice, or taking over an established dental practice, your early planning and decision-making will set you up well for the long-term.

We’ve put some information together for you to help you through the process:

• Things you will need to consider before you start
• Identifying and sourcing suitable practice locations
• Developing and designing dental practice floorplans and interiors
• Construction including managing development applications and permits
• Practice fitout including interior design, fixtures and fittings.
• Choosing the right dental equipment, furnishings and supplies.
• Branding and marketing including logo design, website development and signage

Before you start
For any business project – new or existing, it is important you have put in the effort right from the beginning to ensure you thoroughly research and plan your new business venture.

What do you need to consider? What plans do you need to have in place? What about risk mitigation? A well thought through plan will help to you start your business off on the right foot.

Legal and Financial Advice
Consult your Legal advisor, Banking manager or Financial Advisor. These are some of the most important professionals to connect with and consult prior to starting any new business venture, or buying an existing dental practice.

Registration, Accreditations and Insurance
Are you registered to practice? What accreditation will you need for your business? What type of insurance will you need, for example Professional Indemnity Insurance, not to mention your personal insurances like TPD and Life Insurance. In addition to registering as a dentist to practice in Australia, you will also need to consider how you will meet stringent National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. Several industry organisations you will likely need to contact include:
Dental Board of Australia
Australian Dental Council
Australian Dental Association (ADA)
Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA)

Develop Your Business Plan
Your business plan should cover everything from your overall business objectives – short, medium and long term, review of the industry and market place, your perceived competitors, target audience, service offering, pricing structure and delivery, business structure and hierarchy, scalability, marketing and retention.

Budget Preparation
Any solid business plan will also include a comprehensive budget documenting all requirements for your dental practice – from initial project commencement, through to launch and up to the first five years of operation.

Budget considerations include:
• Legal and Finance
• Insurances, Accreditations and Permits
• Retail site leasing or purchase costs
• Construction and fitout including site build, fixtures, fittings, dental equipment and furnishings
• Staffing and Resourcing
• Marketing and Promotion, including brand and website development
• Ongoing budget resources

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